Here We Go Again

Posted by Daniel Walbert on

Hey everyone,
Thanks for stopping by WABS Designs and checking out what I do. It's been a long road and several years to get to the point I am at with WABS. I'm extremely excited to reopen the WABS web-store and for everyone to see the new look of WABS, but mostly excited to expanded the culture of WABS to more people and areas. It's fitting to relaunch today April 3rd, because it is also my dad, who the brand is named after, Wabs Walberts 72nd birthday. With this first major release I chose a large selection of items and small based design collections. The first release of items your mom will hate features branded designs of both the Classic WABS Logo as well as the AbstractW sub-logo which are shown below:

(Classic WABS logo)


(AbstractW logo)

Also, items feature both new and old designs that give off the base feel of what the culture of WABS is. Clean, Raw, Dark, and High Quality. Some of our favorites are the Blood Sports Long Tee, the Lil' Killer Hoodie, and the essential 5 Panel Logo Hat. Check out these plus all the other items currently available. Over the next weeks more items will become available and some may disappear from the store. So do not wait in hoping for a price drop, items may just vanish to make way for newer items. This doesn't mean they will be gone forever, it may just be a few months... or maybe it does mean they're gone forever. 

Thanks for checking out WABS and showing your support. Make sure to follow us on Facebook or follow us throughout the web @wabsdesigns. We are mostly active on facebook and instagram so make sure to follow both to see all the content WABS has to offer.


- Danny "Wabs Jr." Walbert