Who is WABS?

"Terrible Designs for Terrible Days"
The story of WABS starts back in the early 2000's when Danny "Wabs Jr" Walbert decided he wanted to start his own skateboarding brand and call it "Soup." This did not work out as Danny was in 6th grade (big f**king surprise right?). However, his passion never fell and began to gain many influences due to living in between Canada and the Western United States for many years.
Add to this years of snowboarding, skateboarding, broken bones, studying art, business, and finishing the occasional six-pack, WABS was formed. Having worked in the Snowboard/Skateboard Industry as well as the High End Fashion world for over 10 years, he has combined his knowledge of the industry to create high quality clothing for people like him, Skateboarders, Hardcore Kids, Sadbois, Grown Up Emo Kids and alike. Our closets are filled with black jeans, ripped shoes, and more black t-shirts than ever thought possible. Let WABS add a few more to your collection and I'm sure it'll become a go-to. I appreciate your support.
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Danny "Wabs Jr" Walbert