WABS Music Playlists

This page will feature links to current WABS music playlists on Spotify. Lots of WABS has been very influenced by music, especially the hardcore and post-hardcore sene. Additionally folk punk, underground hip-hop, and gothic trance. To further push new music to new listeners ears, music playlists will be created and linked here. Each playlist will feature a description of what each one contains, as well featured bands. Over on the blog side, updates to music playlists and what new songs were added will be posted there. So get going, pick one out and check back weekly to see if you might find your new favorite track.

First off,

WABS 01 - Open in Spotify App
A playlist of go to music to get ur shit done. Loud and fast songs with occasional slow and angry songs create a vibe that will make you bash your day out and get to a beer or joint or whatever, faster.